Unbreakable glasses

for real life

Prescription glasses unbreakable for real people to test real lives

Raise your hand to the person who never, ever, ever, threw himself on the sofa at around nine at night and while he was thinking that "I finally sit down today" he realized that he was sitting on it of which, until then, were his glasses.

This is Ana's story. But it's also Antonio's, Juan's and Tamara's. If you hurry, maybe it's yours too.

Or rather, it was...

Because now you have just discovered BFlex.
And of course, that changes everything.


One word that changes everything: SILIFLEX TM

With our patented Siliflex™ material, not only do we achieve glasses of extreme resistance, maximum lightness and durability.We also do it in a sustainable way by using a 100% material that is recyclable, BPA-free and of natural origin.
Because the avant-garde, innovation and sustainability should never have been at odds with each other.


than acetate glasses

Magnetic mount to attach the magnetic clip.

Heel 3.0. Maximum flexibility! Rotates up to 360º!

Adjustable terminals for perfect fit and support.


Your style. Your standards.

Your style changes throughout the day, so shouldn't your eyewear? BFlex is not only unbreakable eyewear with maximum strength, it's also a perfect complement to your everyday needs, whatever they may be.
With our accessories and attachment styles, your BFlex is ready for all-terrain use.

#C Cord

Rubber coated steel wire.
Silicone stoppers.


TAC cat. 3
Polarized Lenses
Blue Block
Mirrored and degraded lenses


TAC cat. 1
Light effect lenses to improve contrast and vision in low light conditions.
Blue Block


3.0 terminals with double injection and embossed logo
Interchangeable for the rods
Elastic with Jacquard logo

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Unbreakable glasses

for real life